【12-7】Exploring hidden conflicts in pollination


讲座题目:Exploring hidden conflicts in pollination
主 讲 人:彭佛恩(博士后)
主 持 人:陈小勇(教授)
讲座地址:闵行校区 资环楼435室

彭佛恩博士,本科毕业于华东师范大学,2018年于华盛顿大学获得博士学位,现为University of Connecticut博士后。主要研究适应与物种形成的遗传基础。

The obligate mutualism and exquisite specificity of many plant-pollinator interactions leads to the expectation that flower phenotypes (e.g., corolla tube length) and corresponding pollinator traits (e.g., hawkmoth proboscis length) are congruent as a result of coevolution by natural selection. However, the effect of variation in flower morphology on the fitness of plants and their pollinators has not been quantified systematically. I employed the theoretical morphospace paradigm using a combination of 3D printing, electronic sensing, and machine vision technologies to determine the influence of flower morphological features on the fitness of both parties: the artificial flower and its hawkmoth pollinator. Contrary to the expectation that the same flower morphology maximizes the fitness of both plant and pollinator, I found that the two parties have divergent optima for corolla curvature, with non-overlapping fitness peaks in flower morphospace. The divergent fitness optima between plants and pollinators could lead to evolutionary diversification in both groups.